Year 6 Animation Project

Year 6 are going to enter the Animation 15 Competition.

They have been looking at different ways of making animations.They started with making physical animations using their bodies.

Then they used Pivot, which is a free download and is much more complicated than it at first seems. They described it as “really fun” and recommended making really small movements between slides. Here are 2 examples. Click on each picture to animate it:

Alex R

megan & Izzy

Then they moved onto using 2Simple 2Animate to tell the tale of Twelfth Night. 2Animate also uses “slide animations” – like a paper flick book. Here are some examples:

2 a al nath ani twelth night animation riccardo

Finally, they are using Scratch to make “programmed” animations. They have started by making simple animations like these below:

7th January

WP_20150108_12_13_25_ProYear 6 were thoroughly engrossed making their competition entries today. Loads of collaboration and helpfulness, and some of the latecomers caught up quickly with excellent projects. We voted on our favourite projects so far to be embedded here on the blog but subsequently decided not to – it’s a competition folks and we’re not giving away our secrets yet! So, well done to K & R, I &H, J & H and I & T for their most-liked entries so far. They were chosen for simple effectiveness, great sound effects, realistic graphics & well-presented themes. I was really impressed with the graphics and themes – now we really need to concentrate on the  movement – it’s an animation competition after all!

Screen shots below:



17 thoughts on “Year 6 Animation Project

  1. Hi i like Alex R’s video its sooo long proving that he put alot of time and effort into it! it includes lots of different (random stuff) and I think he put alot of time. the others are very good as well



  2. i really like the way that alxes one looks real when it runs. i also like isobels because there is alot of cloure and happieness.


  3. I really enjoyed watching Alex R’s animation made in pivot and I believe I could learn from his movie IT’S AWESOME!


  4. We like all of the animations, especially the Nyan cloud and the piggy winking. Alex R’s pivot is AMAZING!


  5. I really enjoyed doing our Animations on Scratch and Pivot. I learnt a lot from this. I like Tara and Harriet’s Animations. I liked the way that the pig blinked. It looked effective. Also, Alex’s Animation.


  6. I really liked Alex Roberts’ Pivot animation, because he used very intricate movements. I also liked the rainbow and cloud scratch animation, because of the flashing colours.


  7. These animations are really good! Especially the scratch ones because of their fluent animation and drawings! I also like Alex R’s pivot animation.


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