Your Code Club Ice Bucket challenge from Tim!

I am sure most of you will have seen the Ice Bucket challenge over the summer – some of you may even have got wet participating! Tim has challenged to you to do the challenge slightly differently – watch below (click on the green flag to play – you know that…)

For every MP Code Club member who completes the challenge I will donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, as I have a personal reason for supporting this cause. So please do your best!

Upload your Challenge to Scratch 2.0 and and ‘share’ it. Then copy the link to a comment below and we can all then see it.



Thank You, Sophie L, for being the first person to accept the challenge! £5 ready to donate 🙂

And here’s my contribution:

Here’s Alex L’s:

Guess whose?

5 thoughts on “Your Code Club Ice Bucket challenge from Tim!

  1. All of these ice bucket challenges are amazing! I think they are all really creative and have had a lot of effort put into them!


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