What’s your favourite game?

Today we introduced the topic for this term’s Code Club: Game Design.

We looked at the Bafta Young Game Designers competition. We watched the relaunch video and looked at the winners of last year’s game concept and game making awards.

We thought about what makes a game. My list was:

  • Enjoyable
  • Player(s)
  • Rules / Objectives
  • Strategy / Skill
  • Outcome / Goal

We thought about different genres of games and looked at an example of a side- scrolling platform game (Super Mario Brothers) and an open world game (Minecraft).

We looked at Charlie Brooker’s list of the 25 most significant video games.

Finally we practiced our Kodu terrain creation skills to create a world with mountains, water and a maze.

Here’s some questions we talked about to try and answer before next week’s code club.

  • What are your favourite games?
  • What makes them enjoyable? How many different genres of video games can you list?
  • What are your top 10 video games? What genre are they?
  • Can you explain the story, rules and objectives of your favourite in a simple way?
  • Why do you think smiley dodgems won last years award?

I had a think about my 10 favourite video games. I’ve gone for chronological order like Charlie Brooker’s list, and tried to cover a variety of platforms. Multiplayer, humour, blowing stuff up, with a decent strategy/puzzle element but that you can dip into for a quick game would seem to make my ideal game – which is probably why I would pick ‘Gauntlet II’ as my all time favourite.

  • Bomberman (1983) [ Video] [Play] – Strategy maze game – I loved the 4 player battle mode on the Playstation version and the fun power ups.
  • Pac Land (1984) – [Video] [Play] A quirky side scrolling platform game I loved to play in the arcades. Hints of Super Mario Brothers released the following year. Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins [Video] [Play] was another side scroller I enjoyed playing in the arcades for the variety of its levels, and also on my mates Commodore 64 computer.
  • 1942 (1984) [Video] [Play]- A ‘vertical scrolling shoot ’em up’ that I loved as you could get a decent length game without too much skill. R-Type (1987) [Video] was another favourite as it was basically the same game set in space.
  • Repton 3 (1986) [Video] [Play] – A ‘rocks and diamonds’ strategy game that I played on my Acorn Electron home computer. I liked the strategy and pace. This third version introduced a level editor to allow you to create and play your own levels.
  • Gauntlet II (1986) [Video] [Play] – A ‘top down split screen multiplayer dungeon crawl’, this is my favourite arcade game ever. I liked that you could choose which character to play and that they all had slightly different speed and strength. (In Gauntlet II all 4 players could be the same character.) Great sound effects and the immortal narrator informing you ‘Green elf needs food badly’.
  • Operation Thunderbolt (1988) [Video] [Play] – A 2D precursor to the 3D Time Crisis (1995) this was a first person rail shooter much played in the arcade.
  • Lemmings (1991) [Video] [Play] [Play]- A puzzle platform game played at University on my Acorn Archimedes, great ‘Oh no!’ sound effect when you kill one of your lemmings. The ‘Yippee’ when you save a lemming and the squeal when you lost one.
  • Micro Machines V3 (1997) [Video] – A ‘split screen top down multiplayer car racing game’ that I would play on Playstation 2 with my sixth form friends. A bit like a top down version of Mario Kart (1992). You raced toy cars over cartoon real world settings. Heaps of humour and the power ups were lots of fun – particularly the oversized hammer!
  • Tomb Raider II (1997) [Video] – An action/adventure game played to completion on the bachelor flat Playstation 2.
  • Fruit Ninja (2010) – My favourite casual smartphone game. Great use of the touchscreen and a good difficultly curve that keeps you coming back for one more game.

35 thoughts on “What’s your favourite game?

  1. I’m addicted to nemo’s reef on my pad at the moment but I’m not sure it’s a game. I’ll show you Evan and you can decided. I don’t know the difference between app and game either.


  2. Well done on this brilliant blogg. I say that I don’t like video games, then I start playing and I am addicted. I loved playing ‘Track and Field’ when I was younger with my brother. I also played a game called ‘Horris goes Skiing’- does anyone know about this one? You had to move this strange character across a road avoiding cars and then down a ski slope. One Christmas, I spent most of my time playing ‘Abe’s Oddysee’ on playstation. There were different levels and quests. Recently, I too have enjoyed ‘Temple Run 1 and 2 on my phone. Also, ‘Candy Crush’ does that count? Is there a difference between Apps and video games?


    • I have definitely played that Horace game! I used to play New Zealand story and Echo the Dolphin with my brother. I think this was on SEGA, but could have been a very early addition of PlayStation. We also had this weird games console that looked like a black box and had a screen. All of the games had a black background and the characters and objects were white. The characters made funny sounds. It sounds odd, but it was really good. I have no idea what it was. Any ideas?


  3. We had an Atari. It is my first memory of computer games. It was great and black and white I think.


    • Princess Peach. Love her and Yoshi too. My ultimate favourite Mario Kart character is Waluigi. He is a legend!


    • Who is your favourite character to be when you play Mario Kart?


    • I have never heard of Minecraft. What do you play it on? I used to enjoy Snakes when I was younger. I could play it on my Nokia mobile phone. Have you heard of it?


  4. My top five games are…

    5. Mario Party
    4. Sonic and Tails
    3. Track and field
    2. Mario Kart
    1. Mario Bros (Nintendo Wii)

    Don’t know if you have heard of Track and Field, but it was a sporting game a bit similar to the Olympic events games that are out now. We used to play on my brother’s SEGA Megadrive which was amazing! I remember using a spoon to push the button so that your character would run really fast and you wouldn’t hurt your thumb. Check out the Sega Megadrive and games – There were some classics!


    • If you had a computer in the 80’s the track and field games (the Wii Sports of their day!) would always be a fun way to attempt to destroy your joystick/keyboard and fingers simultaneously! Daley Thompson’s Decathlon was very popular on the ZX Spectrum in 1984, the same year the original Track and Field was released in the Arcades as a tie in with the 1984 Olympics.




  5. Hello,

    I really need your help. I have heard of Clash of Clans, but I really don’t understand it. Some of the people that I live with play it lots and are always tapping away “Checking their town.” Also, does the game ever finish? They have been playing for months!


    • No the game never finishes; it’s all about improving and having FUN!
      You have to collect gold from gold mines that you can buy and elixir from thing that collect that. You train ‘troops’ so that you can attack other players and earn more gold or elixir from storages. Also ‘troops’ can be upgraded in a labatory. However you are restricted by what level your town hall is and if you manage to rebuild your ‘clan castle’ you can join a clan and donate troops. There are defences you can build to prevent people from stealing your loot. Such as cannons, walls, archer towers and troops in your clan castle (which will of been donated by others in your clan).


  6. Hi Evan

    I am in agreement with you about Mario Kart. I really like the idea of choosing different characters and am really happy when I am in second place and get a red turtle shell. Ha ha ha!

    We have the Lego Harry Potter games on Nintendo Wii and really enjoy these! However, I do think that the tasks that involve building with Lego to unlock new stages or doors at Hogwarts are very tricky with the Wii remote. Haven’t played this on the DS though. Have you? Along with Mario, Sonic is 100% in my top ten. but I prefer the old Sonic games (you could play on the sega) when you could partner up with Tails.

    Have you ever heard of the game Snakes. It was free game that you used to get with your Nokia mobile phone. It was all about getting a high score! Check it out.


  7. Wow, I don’t know much about games and this blog is fantastic. It’s really detailed, yet uses language we can all understand. I’m going to come to you for advice on games for my boys Evan.


  8. My top ten games with genre:
    10: Super Mario Bros DS(Side scroll-er platform) A simple but difficult game with lots of fun. With millions of powerups and levels you never run out of stuff to do. And with the option to connect with different DS’s its a such a fun game.

    9: Mario Party DS(Party) another mario game, available on a DS. Its a game where you can face the computer or even other people. collecting coins and stars to win .

    8: AdventureTime: Explore The Dungeon Because I Dont Know! PS3 xbox 360 DS(dungeon)
    A funny and exciting dungeon game where you play as alot of different characters and kill all your enemays for Princess Bubblegum. A good cheap game for AT fans!

    7: Little Big Planet PS3 ( puzzle plat former) A cute but hilarious game about sack boys which you can dress then in the new fashions, play levels other people made or make one your self!

    6: Scratch PC (code) A game that’s started out mine and loads of other peoples coding lives. Such a easy and nice game which can teach you to code, and do loads of other things!

    5: Lego Marvel PS3 Xbox363 (Action Adventure) A game that personally haven’t much but the time I did I couldn’t get of it. The graphics, gameplay and story is perfect. There is a story then you just get to find all the marvel superheros!

    4: Gran Tursmio PS3 (racing) This was my first PS3 game, and im glad it was!
    The graphics were just OMG and the idea of being a person inside the game racing and buying new cars and having to earn your license!

    3: Fifa PS3 XBOX360 DS (sports) I’ve got fifa since Fifa 09 and how quick it got better was amazing! Career mode where you can be a player or a manger. With that I thought I was really in the game! And probably the most well known ultimate team. The concept of that is so awesome and I love every bit of it

    2: Minecraft PC Xbox360 PS3 (sandbox open world) So, Minecraft. Best PC game ever. I Played minecraft for 2-3 years and it was epic. The continues updates and mods played a big part in my love of that game. Also, the unlimted servers with loads of different games was just wow.

    1. DUH DUH DUH DUHHHHHHH!!!! POKEMON! DS (Role-playing, adventure, puzzle, roguelike) Ok, lets talk about how awesome this is. The hundreds of pokemon to collect and the legendary’s pokemon and just so amazing. The story about beating people was just so fun. And the Tv show added to the fun of it. If you havent played this, I beg you to

    Thank you for reading! What are your top ten best games and why? Post a comment!


    • I am so impressed that I may just have to try one of these games Ev. Thorough, well written and ##awesome##. Thank you, I’m delighted with you!


  9. My favourite types of games are video games they are normally fun and they have smooth graphics.
    My top games would be:

    • New Super Mario Bros
    Genre: Side scrolling, platform
    Browser has stolen Princess Peach! Complete the obstacle courses and get to Browser castle to defeat Browser and save Peach.

    • Mario karts
    Race against friends, foes or even yourself on the time trial mode. Gain characters and carts boosting power/luck when receiving lucky blocks.
    Genre: Racing

    • Just Dance
    Genre: Rhythm
    Dance till you drop complete golden moves download Gang-man Style and go Free Style!

    I think Smiley Dodgems won because it must of had good script to make the circles role and the squares drop from the top edge at random times.


    • I loved the simplicity of the graphics in Smiley Dodgems – it fooled you into thinking it would be calm and easy but the music told you otherwise! Thanks for sharing, Sophie 🙂


  10. I think video games are great, although some are too hard and don’t even explain the rules so I can’t play them. My favourite game is wii party because you can do loads of different games! I am very interested in learning more of genres. I think smiley dodgems won the competition last year because loads of people like ‘pong ’ which is a red ball which moves and you have to make it jump over the hurdles.


    • Great to compare it to Pong, I hadn’t thought of that. I also find I can’t be bothered to work out how a game works, especially if it doesn’t look very attractive. Thanks, Sophie 🙂


  11. Hi
    My favourite game is clash of clans! I play it on my ipad. It’s enjoyable because you can be creative, upgrade and interact with other players. My top favourite video games are in no order of prefrance:

    Clash of clans – strategy
    Minecraft – Open world
    Subway surf – endless running
    Temple run 2 – endless running
    fruit ninja – hack and slash

    The objective of Minecraft is to build creations and you can interact with other players.
    On subway surf you run on a train track trying to avoid trains and barriers and collect coins and headstarts.
    As well as Subway surf you can’t win it the point of the game is to get as far as possible while running away from a beast.
    Fruit ninja is where you break fruit until the time is up but if you miss a bit of fruit or hit a bomb a life is lost. Also you only have 3 lives.


    • Well done, Naiara, you have explained these games well and congratulations on finding the genre of each. We need to get the genre word cloud finished and up on the wall next. Can I leave that to you please? By the end of this week maybe (if you have any time?) thanks 🙂


  12. My favorite game is Minecraft (Sandbox, Open world) because there are no rules and you can do what you want.

    In Minecraft you walk around and and survive the nights by killing hostile mobs (e.g. Skeletons and Spiders)

    I can list: Sandbox, Platform, Endless Running, Strategy, Side Scrolling and Slice and Dice.

    I think Smiley Dodgems won the award last year because the graphics are good and simple and the controls are easy to use.


    • Lovely responses Alex, thanks. What do you think loving a game with no rules says about your dreams in life?! I know what you mean…:)


  13. My favourite games are :
    deadly dash 3
    mine craft
    Mario Karts
    Super Mario brothers
    temple run 2
    temple run
    jet pack adventure
    video star
    fruit ninja


    • Hi Olivia! Thanks for letting us know all about your favourite games. We really appreciate hearing from people on this blog. Can you think which genre these games belong to? Are they platform games, open world games, side scrolling etc etc? Do you think there is a particular genre that appeals to you? Do you have an idea yet of which sort of game you might develop for the bafta competition? Nicola 🙂


  14. I love all types of games but my favourite is maria kart on wii cause everyone can have fun. It is a racing game with lots of levals . For some of the levals you need some skill but it is really fun. It is a racing genre I love all games mostly on the computer, wii and in real live like catch or it . All great games.


  15. I really love videogames! I play alot of them, most on my ps3 and computer. One of my favourites is FIFA 14. It’s a sports genre and has many different features and a very enjoyable game.


    • Thanks Evan – first to comment and, as usual, some great contributions at Code Club today! Can you have another look at Jon’s questions and see if you can answer each one thoroughly? eg your top 10 games and which genre is each? Plus the other questions…Thanks, I am looking forward to reading your answers.


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