Table Football

Following a discussion on Twitter about a Scratch World Cup project, we decided to issue a Table Football challenge to the Code Club children last week. Again, no instructions. But, luckily, we do have a real-life table football in school, and this proved an invaluable design & coding resource! & have really helpfully provided sprites and instructions. We used Mark’s great sprites but, quite meanly, didn’t tell the children about the ready made instructions. So their coding really is their own. Some of the challenges were:

  • getting the ball to move randomly & bounce off players
  • defining the goal posts
  • moving the poles correctly

We thought this was a good project as it tested a lot of skills and required resilience. Because we do have an actual table football game it was also a relevant challenge and has topical association to the World Cup.

We have become quite fussy about asking the children to use Scratch 2.0. I think it has the following benefits over Scratch 1.4:

  • It enables us to cast an eye over all the children’s work (we have one shared school account)
  • The children can make notes to explain what they are trying to achieve and any obstacles they have overcome. We encourage this but it’s fair to say it’s not the children’s favourite bit!
  • The children can view each other’s code

Interestingly many of the children prefer the older version. Apparently the paint editor is better, especially the transparency option. Not sure why it was left out in Scratch 2.0 (maybe we just haven’t found it yet?).

JAKEHere’s a link to Jake’s (unfinished) project (click on picture)


The other projects can be found on our Scratch account here

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