What we’ve made

Which has been your favourite Code Club project so far?

Are there any ways that this project could have been improved?

If there are any projects you are particularly proud of, why not upload them to the Scratch website under the school login (which Nicola can give you but which you should not write in the blog!)?

Have you made computer games using any other software you would like to tell others about? Please provide a link to the software and say if it’s free or not. There are some links to free software on the front page of the blog – let others know what you think about them by commenting below.

3 thoughts on “What we’ve made

  1. We started with something really simple (e.g. Felix and Herbert which told us how to make things follow the mouse and other sprites.) As we did more they got harder and harder (e.g. Paint Box which told us how to make things draw with the pen, stamp and change the pen colour.) Recently we have been learning to make projects without set instructions(e.g. Make Your Own Game which was a muliple week project to make our own game without instructions.) Mine and Nicola’s favorate was Paint Box because it was good and fun with a small challenge when we had to do the rainbow pencil.


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