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17th July 2014


Popcorn Maker – we’ve been mashing up videos to make unexpected dance/ music combos. Some year 6 ones here:

Jake & Alfie –https://mertonparkprimary.makes.org/popcorn/2436

Olivia & Mrs S – https://mertonparkprimary.makes.org/popcorn/243l

Everyone enjoyed it – we had to think about matching musical beats, how to splice and overlay videos, and adding “events”. More to explore in future lessons…


Year 5 drew the internet! on PhotoPeach

Please use the comments section below to let us know of anything computer-related that you enjoy or would like to own (we can’t give you one but would be interested to hear about it!). Also, any interesting technology related news you would like to share.

Electric Paint!



We tested Powtoon out in Code Club and loved it. We made some promotional Powtoons for Code Code and showed them to the Year 6 teacher. She asked Year 6 to make some Powtoons explaining some maths concepts. You can watch them here http://year6matters.primaryblogger.co.uk/. Well done Code Clubbers for figuring it out and demo’ing it.

Nicola is loving the look of Powtoon who have offered us a year’s free subscription. Thank you, Powtoon! Why not experiment with the free version over the holidays, and once term starts, I will sign you up with premium accounts and we’ll see if we can make a cool Code Club video. Here’s a little promo video – Evan, it even has “awesomeness” in it, just for you.

Following on from our html lessons, you may enjoy this video:

This is what Nicola would really, really like to own! Lots of the teachers have been admiring it too. Maybe we will wait until they are a little bit cheaper…be warned, they heat the plastic up to a very high temperature so may be a little hot for children to use:

And this is definitely on Tim’s wishlist – now that he has mastered his Raspberry Pi:

14 thoughts on “What we like

  1. This is a fact. I am not a big fan of Video Games. When I heard that we were going to make it, I could not think of any ideas. When I saw everyone else’s games, it inspired me. This is a fact. I could not have made my game if it wasn’t for the inspiration given to me. Thank you.


  2. Before I was in code club I always wanted it to be Friday or Saturday, but now I can’t wait until Tuesday afternoons i!i!i!i!i 🙂


    • Well, Shahzeb, what can I say? I am so glad you enjoy it – we love having you and you are a great help to all your classmates. Thank you so much for your very kind words!


    • Thanks Naiara, that’s lovely to know. We are thrilled to have you with us. Aren’t we lucky that Tim and Jon are so generous with their time? What would we do without them?!


    • I’m glad you enjoy it Jude! Have you thought about what exactly makes it enjoyable to you? It would be good for us to get some feedback!


    • Wow Sophie, that’s a big “like”! We love having you, too and you make lovely contributions to the club, with your energy and helpfulness.


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