Trip to Geeks

I must say I really enjoyed the trip to Geeks today and would like to say a BIG thank you to Nicola Schofield for organising this.

It was brilliant to watch a website being developed before our very eyes. My favourite part was learning how to make a marquee tag for a website- really cool!

I know the children loved the trip. It was certainly an invaluable chance for them to see first hand some of the things they have been learning about come to life and how they are put into practice in the world of work. The children were all particularly lucky to receive memory sticks too! There are definitely some budding programmers out there and I was so impressed with their superb subject knowledge. Well done children.

Thank you again to Nicola and Geeks for making this trip happen.

3 thoughts on “Trip to Geeks

  1. The trip to Geeks was really fun. I can’t wait until I try all those new HTMl tags. My favourite bit was when we were making that website with the pass-the-parcel. Thank you so much Nicola, Miss Hughes, Jon and Tim for taking us.


  2. Definitely, It was great to see real life use of html.
    Yes please. I would love to learn how to use X Ray Googles- sounds cool!
    Thanks again for organising the trip.


  3. Ah, thanks Miss Hughes. I really enjoyed it and I hope it inspired lots of us to develop our html skills. I think we should teach you to use X Ray Goggles – I nominate Sophie L & Naiara to be your guides.


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