Morse Code!


250px-International_Morse_Code.svg (1)Investigate Morse Code and please comment below –

  • what is it?
  • what is/ was it used for?
  • write your name in it

We”ll discuss then Tim will show us his exciting project using his Raspberry Pi!

You can learn Morse Code here

Pay attention because your next challenge is to build your own Morse Code machine in Scratch!

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13 thoughts on “Morse Code!

  1. Hi Nicola
    I think it was used in the wars for signals with torches and flags and sounds.
    .. … — -… . .-..


  2. Morse code is a language that people have been using to communicate right back from world war one. My name in Morse code would be; — .-.. .-.. .. .
    Morse code was used for transmitting data/words/information to someone else who would then pick it up and receive it, a little like we do today with text message or email.


    • Thanks Ollie for persevering with this, your first blog post! And a very good explanation of what it is. In fact, maybe the best!


  3. Morse code is a type of code by using light and sound
    . _ . _ . . . _ . . _ !

    Samuel Morse invented Morse code in 1836 by transmitting information over wires.
    Short signals are referred to as dits (represented as dots). Long signals are referred to as dahs (represented as dashes)


  4. Morse code is a way of communicating created by Samuel Morse. There are 3 ways of using Morse code lights, sounds or dots and dashes.

    It was used during wars so each nation could communicate without other nations knowing what they ment.


    The first message sent was “What hath God Wrought” on the 24th of may 1844.


  5. The first ever Morse code message was sent on 24 May 1844 the message traveled across 40 miles. The end of the first message point was in Washington and Baltimore. The content of this message was “What hath God Wrought”.


  6. Morse code has been used for over one-hundred and sixty years which is longer than any other electrical coding transmitting system.


  7. 1.Morse code is a way of communicating using dots and dashes,beeps or lights
    2.Morse code is and was used to communicate created by Samuel Morse it was mostly used during wars saying S.O.S by doing …/—/…
    3. -.-./.-/.-.././-… is my name


  8. Samuel Finley Breese Morse invented Morse Code. This type of Code is the Alphabet described in dashes and dots. They are representing short light or sound signals. Here is the Interesting fact: Short signals are referred to dits which are dots and Long Signals are referred to dahs witch are dashes .
    This is my Name in Morse Code:

    . ___ ___ . . ___ . . . ___ . ___ ___ . ___


  9. Morse code is a type of communicating- people would say, “Dot,” and “Dash.” It was used amply during the war, so that other soldiers or bystanders couldn’t understand what they were saying.
    … …. .- …. –.. . -… is my name.
    First message end points were Washington and Baltimore. The message was, What hath god wrought.


  10. A Morse Code is a type of code which uses a range of lights and clicks. The use of a Morse Code is for sending messages .The Morse Code is Based On the Latin alphabet.

    Dash dot , dot dash, dash dot dot dot dot dash dash dot


  11. 1. Morse code is a form of communication.
    2. Morse code was used in World War 2 As a secret form of communication so the Axis could not understand the Allies secret messages.
    3. .— — …. -. -. -.–
    4. EDIT: SOS, the signal that is sent when people are in danger is … — …


  12. Morse code is a code used by the military.
    Morse code is a code for communicating to each other from far distances.
    -.- .. .–.
    It is can be transmitted with by taps, lights, clicks being turned on and off.


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