How was Malaysia Airlines’ site hacked today?

Finally, Shahzeb, an airline related post for you!

This man from the BBC gives a really clear explanation of how a site gets hacked – you will be learning more about DNS servers in class soon..

What do you think about people who hack other people’ websites? Can you think of a useful or moral application for hacking?

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7 thoughts on “How was Malaysia Airlines’ site hacked today?

  1. Basically what happened is that this lizard hacking person has got into the site’s web address and hacked it. Then when someone types in the website, it pops up with 404; the hacking person.


  2. Wow!!
    I did not know they the also hacked The X-Box One and PS4.
    I would hack people who I dislike.
    In the future they will make an anti hacking update so every time you login


  3. I think that the Hackers from lizard squad must have been targeting them for money or they were doing it just for public awareness but they certainly had no real need to. They re rooted the internet address so that when you went on Google and typed in Malaysia airlines- it would take you to the wrong internet adress. Good thing it works now!


  4. The Lizard Squad hacked the DNS service making anyone who types in the Malaysia airlines server address or website address and direct them to the Lizard Squad website which had been renamed to the Malaysia airlines address.


  5. I think that Lizard Squad must really hate Malaysia Airlines, for the MH370 incident and MH17. It is quite worrying, though, because the image was scary… and it would be worrying for the airline, when your website has been overrun, with a frightening message. They were really immature to do this, but they must of had guts. What kind of person would attack an international website? Hacking is really disrespectful to makers, and also there is NO reason for hacking. There is NO moral or excuse to hacking websites.


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