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  1. It is really cool to actually Twitter on our school journey. I’m sure the others are missing Osmington Bay,but some of you might not. By looking at the pictures above, it makes me feel really sad. 🙁 I shall never forget Osmington Bay. By the monkeys are really cute. Well done to the guys who got to take the monkeys home.


    • Priya, I am glad you enjoyed Tweetimg, we so enjoyed hearing about everything you were up to there. It sounded so exciting! We missed you all school though – the ICT suite was very quiet without you 🙁


  2. I had a great week at Osmington Bay! It was EPIC! It is very sad to come back home although I was excited to see my family. Mrs Mikkelsen is exactly right… We are nuts! I miss all the songs that we sang on our way to the dining room! I think my fear of heights has gone now. Woohoo!


    • Nuts, yes! But in a lovely way. So proud of those of you that challenged your fears and overcame them, you see what is possible?


  3. Hello everyone!
    Sounds like you are all having a great time!

    from Johnny’s
    Mum, Dad and
    Maddie xx


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