Hydraulic Robot Arm

Children from a mixture of years 4,5 & 6 have been helping to build a hydraulic robot arm at lunchtime! We will add photos here as it progresses. Hint – there are many, many pieces to assemble…

Day 3:


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2 thoughts on “Hydraulic Robot Arm

  1. We made some progress to Friday but we forgot to take a picture.
    The last day we finally started the Hydraulic part of the arm. It’s not as hard as we thought it would be when we first saw the box. As an alternative, the screws are impossible to put in so they are all not fully screwed in (they are still holding up the arm ). The reason that this arm is taking quite a bit of time because each screw (there are lots of them) takes about 5 minutes or longer to put in, it was supposed to be for a 8-10 year old. If not the screws we would be already be done.


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