Gymnast Robots

All you gymnasts in Code Club – what do you think of the latest robotic gymnast from Boston Dynamics?

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19 thoughts on “Gymnast Robots

  1. That’s really cool wouldn’t it be too heavy, I think it should look more realistic as it could cheat if it enters the Olympics.


  2. It looks kind of creepy. If you look at it’s legs when its finished it’s routine, they are bent really weirdly. If they wanted to make it human like, they would have to make it smaller and straiten the legs.


    • I agree with remy it does look a little weird, it appears to me that it doesn’t have a head


    • I understand your opinion and I personally don’t like human robots ether but I don’t now any other animal on this planet that are able to do gymnastics???


    • Interesting Marce – can monkeys do gymnastics? I’m not sure…or a flying squirrel..


    • Maybe… But if they made a robot that looked like a monkey/squirrel Evan would say that he doesn’t like animal looking robots. So it really makes no difference. The actual robot looks very different to a human, if you saw that walking down the street you wouldn’t take it as a human would you? I don’t get what Evan is fusing about as it looks very different to a human but if they made a robot with skin a face and so on (like Daniel and Larissa were suggesting), I wouldn’t like it very much. It would freak me out!!!


  3. Wow! I’m surprised it worked since the robot would be quite heavy. If they didn’t move the mats back into place the robots navigation and where to go would stay the same. Therefore it wouldn’t work! But that is epc!


    • Oops. I thought the video had finished before but after the backflip it went wrong and tripped off!


  4. Wow I didn’t know that robots can do backflips. I’m a human and I can’t do one. Could they enter it into the Olymipics.


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