Your LGfL Doodles plus 2 extra challenges

  • Can anyone add some additional sprites which incorporate what LGfL actually does eg something to do with London, or Learning, or Computing?
  • Would anyone like to try to redesign the LGfL logo – try using a Paint program, or Assembly app on iPad? Try to make it more reflective of schools/ children/ learning/ London. What’s important in Logo design?

Here’s Evan’s!

And LGfL has just tweeted to their 2,901 followers about it:

Here’s Harriet’s:

And Alazoa & Lizzie’s:

Google’s Hour of Code Doodle

You can actually play a Lightbot type doodle on Google at the moment – just go to Google home page and press play on the picture  – it’s pretty cool and Tim says it gets tough quite quickly! Let me know how far you get?

PS Challenge your family – who can say Google Doodle quickly 5 times? I can’t say it once!

Create your own Google Doodle!

Next week is Hour of Code week!!

Here are a few nice Scratch projects:

Google Doodle

LGfL has a similar project – and this one has a PRIZE!!

“Most creative use of code will win a small bag of computing goodies!”

To win this, you must send me a link to your project so I can share it on Twitter. if it doesn’t work below you can try the project here.


And now Scratch has one too:











Well done Harriet, a very appropriate message for a healthy school!

Scratch Challenge

I was so impressed by your ideas in Code Club chat this week that here’s a challenge for you to show next week:

Make any AI “Scarecrow” in Scratch:

  • Animals (at least 3 sprites) appear randomly on a suitable background
  • These will be sensed by your scarecrow and they will disappear – how will they be sensed?
  • The “Scarecrow” (what will it look like – is it even visible?) will use a different deterrent that you have researched to scare off each animal (Katie & Rosie this could be a swarm of drone bees for your elephant!)

Here’s a link to the previous article. There may be a prize….

Big Life Fix

This is the Big Life Fix Children in Need programme that Jon was telling us about. we talk about engineers a lot at school – they are so good at devising solutions to complex problems! Are there any big problems in life that you would like to set about fixing?