Top 10 Tips for how to be a Code Club Guru

Here’s my top tips to help you be the first to finish the projects and complete all the challenges.

no sprite editing

  1. Don’t edit sprites or record audio clips until you have completed all steps and challenges. (Except where the instructions tell you to, and even then do a quick initial version of the sprite and come back to finesse it later.)
  2. Scratch v1.x doesn’t auto save. Get into the habit of clicking Save before you test each new script. The code club projects have reminders to save at the end of each section as well.
  3. Give your sprites/messages/variables sensible names. It makes your code easier to read like a sentence and makes it easier for you, or whoever you’re asking for help, to spot bugs.
  4. Leave your variables displayed on the stage until you have finished testing and everything works. (Even if the instructions tell you to hide.) It makes it easier to understand how your scripts work – and when they don’t work it makes it easier to debug them.
  5. Add comments to explain what your code is supposed to do. If you come back to your code a week or more later you wont need to spend ages remembering what everything does. Plus it’ll help you spot mistakes when you are debugging.
  6. Always test projects that have mouse input in presentation mode.
  7. When debugging don’t forget you can make a particular script run by clicking on it.
  8. Break complicated code up into easy to understand sections and test each bit on its own, possibly using Tip 7 to help.
  9. If you have lots of similar code you might be able to simplify your scripts by using a broadcast message or two.
  10. Don’t be afraid to try things out. There’s often may different ways to get something to work. You might not think of the simplest way until you have had a go and realised that your initial attempt is a bit complicated.

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