Tips: Term 1, Project 9 – Create your own game

Here’s my tips for the final Stage 3 project of Code Club term 1.

  1. Don’t get too carried away trying to recreate FIFA ’13 in Scratch. Remember you have to be able to code it too!
  2. For inspiration think about simple Flash or Smartphone games you have played.
  3. Before you start coding plan on paper what sprites, costumes, variables and messages you will need to use. Think what you will call them to make your code readable. It’s a good test that you will actually be able to code your game, plus a good design is the foundation that every good game is built on.
  4. Start by using the ready made sprites provided with Scratch. You can replace them with tailored ones later if you have time. And it’s gameplay that make a brilliant game, not cool graphics. Think how simple the graphics are in perennial favourites like Tetris and Breakout.
  5. Identify which bits you think might be difficult and see if you can make them work.
  6. Concentrate on the gameplay and get that working well first. You’ll probably find you need to change things a bit from your intial designs to get the right level of difficulty and fun. You can add things like intro screens and start buttons once everything else is working.

Below is a screenshot of an early version of the game that I designed.

It’s called ‘Maiden’ as i) it’s my first Scratch game and ii) you have to rescue the maiden from a castle.

Co-ordinates are important in my game so I used the xy-grid background that comes with Scratch as the starting point for my stage, adding a rough moat and ground for the characters to stand on.


I then used ‘Fantasy/knight1’ and ‘People/princess1’ sprites as the place holders for my characters. I also used ‘Things/button’ as my initial ‘brick’ sprite and ‘Things/Gravity Marble’ as my initial ‘arrow’ sprite. (The marble sprite came with some scripts which helped my thinking on how to make the flight of the arrow look realistic.)

The gameplay was designed to be a bit of a mash up of Angry Birds, Breakout and Bomberman.

I identified the crucial bit of the game was the firing of arrows and the way the bricks explode so I started by trying to get that bit to work first.

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