Thank You and Good Luck

Firstly a huge “Thank You” for my card. Sorry I couldn’t make the final code club of the year but I was busy teaching adults how to code on Decoded’s Code_in a Day course. (And as you know adults take a bit longer to learn things than you.)

Secondly a massive “Good Luck” for all the Year 6 Code Clubbers. It’s been a real pleasure helping teach you all to code these last two years. We’ll miss you so make sure to pop back and let us know how you’re getting on. I hope you all continue your coding in one shape or another, and remember where it all started when you become internet millionaires!

Finally, (And, yes, I know this bit is about 3 weeks late!) did you manage to finish the Code Club Beta Minecraft Project? Were the instructions clear? Did you find any problems? If you haven’t already you can feed back on the materials by replying to this blog post. And if you’re feeling really smart do you think you could add a ‘Save’ and ‘Load’ function to the game so that you don’t lose your worlds when you quit?

There are some other Code club beta projects you might like to try in the summer holidays. Plus you might like to try Decoded’s Learn to Code HTML & CSS tutorial too.

One thought on “Thank You and Good Luck

  1. Thanks Jon, we missed you! Glad you liked the card – made by Nathan especially for you. Hope your Decoded session went well?


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