Swiss wizards can now create holograms using just chocolate

Now I know this isn’t really coding (it’s more like magic) but I couldn’t resist posting this for Naiara! How pretty are these?

 (Article by Andrew Tarantola for Sploid)

This is really amazing and beautiful: Chocolate etched with rainbow holograms using a technique that doesn’t use additives of any kind, but rather carves specific microstructures into the chocolate’s surface that defract light—much the same way that the security holograms on credit cards work.

Developed by Swiss design company, Morphotonix, working with a German chocolate mould manufacturer, the designs are etched onto a metal master mould, from which softer plastic moulds are pressed and are then filled with molten chocolate—not unlike how vinyl records are made.

While both milk and dark chocolate work, some specific varieties are incompatible with the moulding process (because physics). As Morphotonix CEO Veronica Savu explained to New Scientist, “We have been testing it with many types of chocolate. Sometimes it works great and sometimes no matter how hard we try it doesn’t mould.”

Swiss wizards can now create holograms using just chocolate

The hologram technology, which Morphotonix first began developing in 2012, has just been unveiled at the Interpack packaging trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. There’s no word on when the these shiny, tasty treats will hit store shelves or when the moulds will be available for home chocolatiers.

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11 thoughts on “Swiss wizards can now create holograms using just chocolate

  1. Hi you all, so excited to see your reactions! We are the ones making it happen – but we don’t make the chocolate, not even the chocolate moulds. We just make in a very special way the master mould from which the chocolates moulds are replicated. We are working to have some chocolate moulds available online for you to be able to make your own holographic chocolate at home.


    • Oh that’s so exciting, I know an 11 year old who will be holding her breath waiting for this! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on our blog – we really appreciate it. How can we keep updated with events as they happen?


  2. That chocolate looks so tempting! I’m hungry right this minute. I wonder how they make the designs on the chocolate. If they were selling this right now, I’m sure this must be really expensive!!


  3. That is awesome I don’t think I would eat it as it looks so good . It is amazing how they do.


  4. Chocolate is awesome! But the patterns are only holograph so I can’t eat the lovely colours I’m getting so hungry! Nicola please buy me a ticket Switzerland so i can eat those chocolates


  5. That is amazing I just want to eat it all. We so should take a trip there! I wish I knew how to do that and had the talent. It seems crazy how that is possible just by doing that!


  6. That is all well and good Shahzeb as long as you will not be out of class and missing any literacy. If it is at the weekend then that is fine!

    Those chocolates are amazing, but slight downfall. I wouldn’t want to eat them. What is the point in having chocolate that you can’t or don’t want to eat?


  7. So, you know that we are taking a trip to, ‘Geeks,’ we should take a trip to these chocolatiers.


    • Shahzeb, I always knew you were a genius, what a great idea! A code club trip to Switzerland is all I ever dreamed of. Let’s plan!


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