What do you think of this idea? Can you find out more about it?

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5 thoughts on “Hackaball

  1. that’s so cool i hope i can have one because i’m not just looking at a screen i’m interacting with something so my mum would like it to


  2. I found an article for the Hackaball:

    Hackaball combines the oldest of old-school, a ball, with the new — an iPad. The ball itself consists of a set of LED lights, a speaker, gyroscope, accelerometer, vibration motor, rechargeable battery, memory chip and processor. This is all encased in a nest of rubber and silicone that acts as a shock absorber to protects all that tech from bounces, throws, drops and the various other tortures kids can put toys through. The computer module allows the Hackaball to wirelessly connect with an iPad.

    The free app for iPad then allows kids to easily program the ball for a variety of games (that’s the “hack” part. Get it?). For example, they could create a game of catch in which the ball is programmed to glow blue until it’s dropped, then after it hits the ground, it’ll turn yellow for five seconds. If someone can grab it while it’s still yellow, they’d get a point. If not, it the ball would turn red and the person who dropped it would lose a point. Tension would build in deciding whether to make a grab for the ball or not when it’s dropped.


    • If you find out, please let us know Priya?! Thanks 🙂


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