European Week of Code 11th – 17th October 2014

All around Europe, people are making apps, websites and lots of other things by learning to code.

There are lots of “Coder Dojo” / “Hacking” events taking place in London this Saturday and next week, for children aged 7-12. Check out all the local events happening over the week here

Let us know if you attend any?

Update 15th October:

Tim & I went to a European Code week event at Mozilla Headquarters today (they’re the people who give us X Ray Goggles & Popcorn Maker), to listen to speakers talk about coding in schools. Some photos below, including the free bar and snack shelves – employees & guests can help themselves! Definitely another reason to become a programmer. It was a lovely event organised by Yasemin Allsop, who is a lovely lady from Manchester Met University, and who used to be an ICT coordinator in the biggest primary school in the UK!

PS I asked Mozilla if I could move into their nice (very orange) offices and they have kindly said I can visit whenever I want! I think Alex (& maybe William?) have been here before with Code Club?

We also listened to an interesting young man called Matthew Keegan from Kano – check out the link, it includes a Raspberry Pi, keyboard etc. But no monitor 🙁 Matthew asked us to think of the fastest song we could remember & work out how many beats/ minute it played at. We imagined a big number (200?) but then he explained that the Raspberry Pi processor (remember how small the whole Pi is?) processes at over 700 million beats per second! Makes you think?

We met another, very lively,young man called Ross Target, from a game called Code Kingdoms (free). I think you will enjoy playing this – it teaches you to code in Javascript.

Here are Ross (left) & Matthew (right), with pictures of Kano & Code Kingdoms. If you have any questions for them let me know & I will Tweet them:


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