14th March Cracking the Code – brilliant!


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Duration: 1 hour

Minna Kane and her team of young hackers explore the world of computer programming. They meet the visual effects artists who work on Doctor Who, test out Formula One racing simulators, play football with robots, and meet a man who has sent his miniature computer into space. Back in the classroom, Minna tries out a range of exciting programming activities linked to these real world coding adventures

First 9 mins – all about real life modelling and simulations, using Formula 1 as an example – best explanation I have come across.

Next 4 mins – all about Scratch – excellent intro with explanations and suggestions for development.

Next 7 mins – on the set of Dr Who – programming daleks on screen and using green-screening to add children into the dalek parliament

Next 5 mins  – Graphics in the classroom – excellent practical demonstration of what pixels and resolution look like

Next 8 mins – using a Raspberry Pi to take satellite images with a balloon.

Next 4 mins -Programming a lego crocodile on a Raspberry Pi, using Scratch, to bite your finger! We need some of this lego…

Next 9 mins – Robots – robot football teams and teaching robots – discusses functions in programming (breaking long programs into smaller chunks)

Next 6 mins – Robots in the classroom – using the Probot plus software

Next 8 mins – AppToys – amazing combination of smartphones and toys to create interactive toys.

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