25th June 2014

How far do the parts in your laptop travel before you get it home? The equivalent of 49 times round the world! Watch this video below:


17th June 2014

Today we got some ipads on loan. All very excited!

23rd April 2013

Great news!

We may be getting some Raspberry Pi’s from the lovely people at Code Club! I will keep you updated. Any suggestions as to what we can use them for?


14th March 2013

5am BBC2 (or find it later on iplayer hopefully..)

Image for Cracking the Code

Duration: 1 hour

Minna Kane and her team of young hackers explore the world of computer programming. They meet the visual effects artists who work on Doctor Who, test out Formula One racing simulators, play football with robots, and meet a man who has sent his miniature computer into space. Back in the classroom, Minna tries out a range of exciting programming activities linked to these real world coding adventures


Tim & Nicola are excited to be going to the London Code Club Meetup where we can all discuss what we have been doing and share ideas. We will let you know how we get on.

15th March – Red Nose Day

Raise money for comic relief by making Scratch games – follow the link to Scratch Your Nose on the home page for more info. Years 5 & 6 will hopefully be taking part in school later this week.

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