New Transport Technology

I have looked at the website with the article about transport technology. You can find out about the latest train updates, trains departures and much more. Here is a quote from the Zipabout’s technical director, Daniel Chick.

“The idea is that you wake up in the morning [and your] phone pings up a notification saying we know your train that you usually take is going to be delayed this morning because it’s raining, and it’s half-term and it gets really busy and [it] will proactively suggest that you take [a] different route,”

There is also a project called Bounce, which uses an interactive website to attempt the public into embracing sustainable modes of transport. When you log journeys on the website during challenge periods, you can win rewards from cinema tickets to family trips!

Stephanie Norris says  “Every time that [users log a journey], it’ll earn them some points, and the points will get them prizes,” She also says that you can earn more points by using more sustainable transport.

2 thoughts on “New Transport Technology

  1. I think that they have all the data and stored 24/7 so that they will know if the person is lying or not.


  2. Thanks Priya, that’s an interesting summary. I have a question for Bounce – how will they verify that the journeys actually happened before giving rewards?


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