Just recently, a new device, called the 3D-Doodler, can make art come to life! With this pen, you can draw in 3D! This is done by using an extruding heated plastic filament which cools down so quickly that it then turns rock hard and into its 3D structure. You can be as imaginative as you want, and draw anything you want to!! There are some pictures below .

Here are some questions:

  • How do you think this Pen is made?
  • Would you want to buy one?
  • Would you buy this as a present for someone?
  • How much do you think it would cost?

9 thoughts on “3D-Doodler

  1. I think that the 3D doodlers are incredible for art work and you could almost make an art exhibition with one! But the best bit is the price!


  2. It uses a button to eject the wax then the wax cools. I like drawing in my free time, but I wouldn’t buy it because I prefer normal drawing pencils. I’m guessing the price will be around £100 or so because it’s sort of like a 3D printer.


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