See Spot Run

My Dad sent me this video this morning as he thought it might interest us (thanks Dad!):

  • What animal does the robot most remind you of?
  • Did you notice any sensors or anything else interesting in the robot structure?
  • What most impressed you about the robot?
  • What do you think this robot could be used for?
  • Can anyone find out how much this robot cost to develop/ build?

We’ll discuss this next week 🙂

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19 thoughts on “See Spot Run

  1. It reminds me of a wolf. I think there were senders in the legs of the robot. What most impressed me is that it could keep its balanced . it could be used for a guide dog


    • Nathan, a guide dog is a really good idea!


  2. It reminds me of a dog a bit. There is something at the top of its head spins a bit. I am impressed because if it falls it isn’t broken and it gets back up. It could be used for exercise and whoever is using it tries to keep up with it. I am not sure how much it cost but it was probably a lot.


  3. It reminds me of a dog a bit how it walks and runs. I noticed that at the top of the robot is something spinning maybe it is a sensor warning the robot that something is coming. It impressed me how it falls but it didn’t break. It might be used for exercise like how the man was running with it so he had to keep up with it. I don’t know how much it would cost but I think it would be a lot.


  4. This robot reminds me of a dog as it looks like one. I noticed that it has a light on so that maybe it detects where to walk. What impressed me was that the robot didn’t fall when the man hit it.


  5. I think this is pretty cool. They remind me of a dog, except for the robot at 1:55 which reminded me of a hippo. What I would like to know is how did they get robo-dog to climb stairs? That impressed me the most. I think there are suspenders on the legs of the robot.



  6. it’s a dog it can run climb and balance when kicked it could be used for a running guide price not said :c :C


  7. I think the robot was meant to be a dog because its name was spot and it is a very common dogs name. I noticed that when the man shoved the robot he didn’t fall down or break. It was amazing! This robot could be used for keeping people fit. I think Boston Dynamics budget to make it was about one million dollars.


  8. It reminds me of a rhino because it can run quite fast but it is also sturdy. I can’t see any sensors but I think there is an object sensor on the front. I was impressed by how if something hits it it can stay on it’s feet, I was also impressed by how it can climb stairs. It might be able to deliver things short distances. I think it would cost £10,000 to build.


  9. Well…
    This robot reminds me of a dog because of it’s small body and strong legs.
    Where the neck of the animal would be there is a continuous rotating sensor.
    The ability to climb stairs impressed me the most.
    I think this robot could be could for transporting things.
    The price is £160


  10. It also reminds me of a deer because it’s legs have these hard hooves to keep it’s legs stable on all surfaces.


  11. I really love this product! It can accurately sense everything around it, and it knows when to run or walk. I think that each leg has different sensors. I was really amazed of how it didn’t completely fall down when it was kicked! That was phenomenal!!! It would be good for blind people because it makes whirring sounds, and that could help guide them. This reminds me of a camel, because of the little hump, and it’s leg structure which was very life like. I spotted some metal components that I think was the ‘joints’ and the rubber soles at the bottom.


  12. It reminds me of a gazelle(…?). It’s a good tool to take your anger out on or you can use it as a messenger or post delivery-dog. I’m quite impressed by its sturdiness. It probably has sensors so it doesn’t hit a wall, but it still can’t avoid getting kicked by those cruel men!


  13. It reminds me of a deer and a dog. I think it has sensors on it. It’s cool how it moves. You could use it for carrying food on. It must have been SO expensive!!


  14. It reminds me of a dog and it is so cool because when they kicked the dog it still stayed up and didn’t fall down.I personally think that it was a marvellous idea for people who can’t have a pet.


  15. What a great idea! Their is so much things I could do with that robot such as use it for freight transportation.There’s just one thing I’m curious about- What would happen if it malfunctions?The answer is bad things. It reminds me mostly of a camel in that it seems both powerful and robust.


    • Matthew, can you look again at the specific questions on the blog & see if you can find out some answers for me? You had such a lot of interesting ideas when we discussed it!


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