Robot Vacuum Cleaner

We were discussing the Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner today. Here are 2 videos of automatic vacuum cleaners.

  • Any ideas how this works and which sensors it needs?
  • Can you think of other home uses/ applications for this sort of robot? (Clue: think of sheep!)

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7 thoughts on “Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  1. I think that this technology could also be used in farming so that workers don’t have to spend hours picking crops. Maybe it measures the length away from it in all directions and if it gets closer by to much it diverts its course.


  2. I think that it does not find out where everything is because if you move something it won’t find it until later.
    I don’t know any other uses for it


    • @William: William, how do you think it works? Why doesn’t it fall down the stairs? Think harder about where else this technology may be labour-saving?


  3. I think it works a bit like how we said in the last session
    I think it works by a sensor remembering what the house looks like as it goes around and then it knows the layout of the house so next time it remembers where everything is and it won’t bang into anything for example a tea table or a couch but that only my idea i don’t know how it actually works


    • I love that you worked out how it might work.Have a think about how you would program a car to travel round a maze, without bumping the sides, in Scratch? I love that you worked out how it works. Thank you.


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