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We are still working on our health apps in Scratch, but the programming is more complicated than we thought! So each group made some flow charts to help direct their coding and to decide which questions we wanted to drive the direction of our apps, and how we would organise and name the input, output and reference variables in the code. We will then use these for our calculations.

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Next week we will look at our Scratch coding again and see how we can refine it. We agreed that we needed to play with Scratching the app before designing it to get a feel for what we really wanted to do & so we haven’t wasted time by doing the flowcharts now.

Please answer:

  • Did making the Flowcharts help at all? How?
  • Has it changed the way you will continue this project?
  • Has it taught you anything you can apply to your next Scratch project?

The following week we will make video presentations to describe and market our app. We will also look at crowdfunding.


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9 thoughts on “Health apps updates

  1. These flowcharts helped me by putting all the strewn scratch data into an organised form, and I can now find shortcuts as to carrying on the project. I have learnt how to use some scratch blocks, and how a piece of code can be simplified by using, say, a loop. It also helps to plan something before you make it. I can definitely use this to debug anything in my next project, because laying it out, displays all the possible things that could have gone wrong.


  2. These flowcharts were very useful as they helped me put my health app on the right track, whereas before the flowcharts I wasn’t sure of what to do. Because of these flowcharts I have increased my understanding of Scratch and coding.

    I am now using variables to control what happens in my health apps; before we were using different sprites.

    I have now learnt to plan out my scratch project more in-depth by using flowcharts.


  3. The flowcharts completely changed my groups method and code as Tim helped me by showing the route of the code by writing it down on paper. It made us start from scratch and now we are doing better. It hasn’t taught me much about Scratch as it’s just a flowchart.


  4. I think that they would be very useful. It has changed the way we are doing our app,because we will ask weather they drink or smoke to effect what advice we give them.


  5. I think that flowcharts are definitely useful and for future references when programming, I will use flow charts from now on! The main reason why I need them is to see and think about how I’m coding.After all, I’m a visual learner!


  6. The flowcharts that we did last week were really helpful because when we used it, I understood the process of our health app in full detail. It has changed the way we will continue this project because Jon has helped us to develop our app even more and add additional features which are realistic and sensible to ask a person. It will be good to use Powtoon for our video presentations.


  7. the flow charts are very useful because you can just look at your flow chart again if you forget what you’re half way through coding.


  8. Flowcharts a very useful if you are confused or you don’t know what to do next in your projects and because I was in the same position it helped me a lot. We changed organization so it was easier to understand. I think we could use it in similar projects as well.


  9. the flowchart helps me think in order not thinking about the end and also makes me focus on one, yes it makes me focus on one at a time, ro first do gender because it’s different and then how many calouries finally exercise ;D


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