Year 3, ipads and writing

Year 3 have been working super hard all year but have been particularly excited by the arrival of…the ipads!

Having been to Kensington Palace last week we decided to retell the story of King George I and the case of the missing hot chocolate.

The children decided they wanted to retell the story in a number of different ways. So they split off into groups with some children writing stories, playscripts, making puppets, doing drama, writing letters and diaries. Some children decided to hand write their work while others wished to use the ipads, computers and laptops!

We used Popplet on the ipads, Word and Powerpoint on the laptops and computers. The children loved putting into practise the skills they have learned in ICT such as typing, inserting text, borders and most importantly creating and saving work in the correct folders.

The children’s enthusiasm for writing has certainly improved since the arrival of the ipads and laptops. In fact, this has been so much so that it has been difficult to get them to go out to play!

Both the quality and quantity of writing has improved too. It is clear to see that using the ipads/ laptops has made it easier for the children to edit and insert text and images and create professional looking pieces of work that are not ruined by them having to rub out or put lines through mistakes.

What is more, uploading the children’s writing to the ‘Year 3 Matters’ class blog ( has really helped boost the children’s confidence, allowing them to see other adults and their peers comment on their writing.

Keep up your hard work Year 3! I am so proud of you all.

2 thoughts on “Year 3, ipads and writing

  1. What great news about the IPads. The trip to Kensington Palace reminds me of when I used to work in Kensington Palace. We used to serve Hot Chocolate with special stirring sticks made out of chocolate. These used to go missing all the time. I loved them on cold winter mornings. I wonder where your next trip will be?


  2. It’s also a pleasure for the rest of the school to be able to read writing we wouldn’t necessarily normally see, unless it was on display. I genuinely had no idea of the quality of year 3’s writing and am incredibly impressed. What a wonderful class they are, and a credit to you!


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