The Fluffy White Cloud Is Just Someone Else’s Server

Look what Marce made for us at home last night! Isn’t she the best?

What a great way to demonstrate to everyone that “The Cloud” isn’t a vague concept made of white fluffy stuff and lovely unicorns but is just, in fact, someone else’s server. Which has access to all the data you upload. I like the interactive question too.

I’ve added it to the inventions display board -thanks Marce!

(PS Tim and Miss Gillan would like one for their displays too and I know you have Wednesdays free..)

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9 thoughts on “The Fluffy White Cloud Is Just Someone Else’s Server

  1. On the picture, one of the Unicorns asks: “How much data is stored on the Cloud?” Well, my questions is, how much data can be stored on the Cloud?


    • Trust you with your hard questions, Remy! Think about what the cloud actually is and what stores the data. Then think about potential capacity of that. Then maybe think about whether we keep everything forever – should we? Then Google it and let us know???


    • I wonder if we can find out? I bet the number just keeps changing as we are investigating! Should there be a rule about when it’s deleted?


  2. The cloud isn’t a cloud with unicorns on. It is someones elses server. It is a great way to show what the cloud is.


  3. I’m thinking of making my own invention!

    I really like that idea, Marcelina, because The Cloud isn’t actually a fluffy cloud with unicorns in it. The Cloud is where you store or save your data.


  4. You have made it so clear with your picture Marcelina – I was always worried about the Cloud but couldn’t really explain why. Now I understand why I was worried. Fantastic!


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