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(Happy New Year everybody! Please remember that there won’t be a Code Club this term, but if anyone is keen, I will keep updating the blog so we can still discuss stuff, do challenges etc!)

Remember that Jon brought his Google Home Mini in just before Christmas? Did anyone’s family get a similar Smart Home device for Christmas?

eg Google Home/ Mini, Amazon Alexa/ Echo?

(Photo from The Guardian Saturday 6 January 2017 Full article here)

If so, what’s the best thing you’ve found to use it for?
What do you have connected to it? Lights, music, central heating thermostat, kettle, oven?

I bought a Google Home Mini and I love asking it to remember things for me. “Hey, Google. Remember I put my passport in the kitchen drawer”. Then, “Hey, Google. Where’s my passport?”
If only I’d had it before I lost my favourite gloves…

I also bought one for my 93 year old friend who is blind and finds it difficult to walk. She loves it! It means she can ask it the time, the weather forecast, ask it to turn the radio on etc without looking for a clock, pressing buttons etc. What a lovely thing for a less-able person. Can you think of anything else she could use it for?

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    • Evan, your family is smart enough already! You don’t need one 🙂


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