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We are primary school childrern and we are learning to code!

The lovely people at Code Club have given us lots of projects to try and we are lucky to have two wonderful programmers who give up their time for a couple of hours each week (actually much more than that!) and come in to help us.

It’s been great fun and we think it’s having an impact on the whole school. Other teachers are gaining confidence in teaching programming and the Code Club children help teachers and children in other classes. As well as learning to code we are learning to think more independently and to collaborate with our friends – helping them to debug their programs improves our own programming skills as well as theirs. We know we can use technology to influence change in our world and we use our critical thinking skills to work out the implications of technology on our lives.

On this blog we will be sharing our thoughts, the things we like and what we have made.  We’d love to know what you think, and to hear from others involved with Code Club.

We have added a new section to the blog – “Learning projects”. These are small topics designed to make you think – not just about the coding, but more thinking like a computer scientist. They also include other stimulae – designing, creating, maths problem-solving, ethics, morals, digital footprints, business etc – general wondering! Each idea has been triggered by everyday objects or new technology, press articles or children’s questions.We certainly don’t expect you to know all the answers, or to be able to code the projects – but we hope they will inspire you to find out more, to ask questions, to recognise triggers & inputs & to try to build the algorithms (programs written in a language eg English, that humans understand). Share them with your families or friends!

Remember, Algorithms + Code = Programs and you don’t need special skills or knowledge to build algorithms!


3 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. i know that i am posting this a bit late now but there is this really cool website that i think code club would enjoy. Its name is futurism. futurism is a website with loads of cool techy stuff which has never failed to amaze me. i think it might be cool for you guys to look at and think of how the things on it work. Thanks, Thomas


  2. What a great blog! I shall be showing it to the children I teach that are interested in computing. I think that it is very empowering to learn to code. I look forward to following your progress!


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