Judging Criteria

When designing your games you might want to bear in mind how they will be scored
judging criteria

Also, to help you develop Kup winning plot for your characters you might want to read up on ‘monomyth’, or ‘the 12 stages of the heroes journey‘. This is a structure that is found in many famous stories and films. See if you can summarise your favourite films and video game plots using these 12 stages. To get you started here’s an example using Star Wars. (Quick note from Nicola, here’s a simpler explanation of the Monomyth if you find the first one a bit hard)

18 thoughts on “Judging Criteria

  1. hi Merton park,#
    could you please visit 5ds blog from Holmer Lake we are a class of 30 pupils and we expect very high standers this weeks theme in our class is forces of nature and in litrecy we are doing wind in the willows
    please visit our class
    your sincerly


    • Hi Shenaz,

      Thanks for visiting our blog. Please will you send me a link to your class blog so we can comment?

      Mrs Schofield


  2. Im really surpised about the judging criteare and me and my team do have a name and are working on the logo.
    Name: Ape Games
    Logo: An ape/monkey holding a peice of paper witch says Ape Games and has a picture of a game controller.


  3. I’m surprised how complicated it sounds to judge but I guess it’s worth it to win.
    I think my team has put too much unneeded detail on the form.


  4. We have already made a logo and we will save it on our memory stick


  5. Some of the 12 stages of a heroes journey, for our game, is-

    To create an enticing game,
    To create an effective atmosphere,
    To create an unique game, that stands out,
    To create a game that will challenge the player,
    To create a game that players enjoy, so much so, that they become addicted (?)


    • Thanks Shahzeb, all great ideas. I am looking forward to playing it..


  6. Thanks Jon. I really hope the children all read this as the teams that do will notice one extra feature they need for their entry – a logo! They will also notice that their game MUST HAVE at least 3 objects which receive “kode”.

    I read through the game plans last night and have the following comments:

    RT – most detailed plans, well done!
    KK – Best “committee work” during planning phase
    NAS – Very sophisticated
    TT – A bit more work required maybe?!
    JAJ – Best Marketing blurb, very neat, not yet finished?
    EAP – Loads of work, well done!

    Why do you think I haven’t written your team names above?



  7. That’s an interesting and complicated way to judge but I think it could be used to make any game better.The 12 stages of a heroes journey is helpful! It probably could be used for writing a story too.


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