Gameplay and Controls

We didn’t get chance to review your creations at the end of code club today, so you’ll have to show me what you managed to create next week. What was the most interesting thing you managed to get your objects to do? If you want to do some more at home the exported games are quite small and easy to email to yourself if you haven’t gone too mad with the landscape design! There’s videos on the Kodu Game Lab site covering the Scoring and Pages features we looked at today.

Now you’ve had a play with some more of the object programming examples you’ll hopefully be full of ideas for your own games.

If you get chance before next week have a go at writing an initial draft of the ‘Gameplay’ and ‘Controls’ section of the Bafta YGD Game Concept practice form. Have a look at Evan’s comment on last weeks blog for a great example. It doesn’t need to be long and we can develop your ideas over the next few weeks. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to code your game in Kodu, it’s all about the concept at this stage.

4 thoughts on “Gameplay and Controls

    • I consider myself lucky to work with such wonderful students across the whole school 🙂


  1. I absolutely love Kodu. I always learn something new every week e.g. how to add more characters/objects e.t.c.


    • Pleased to hear you are enjoying it Priya. It’s a great free software isn’t it?


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