Can you design your own game?

Well it certainly looks like you all like video games!!

But have you always thought you could improve one of your favourites? Or even design a better one yourself? Would it be based on any of your favourites?

Have a read of the top ten entries for the 2012 game concept design competition to give you some ideas. Which one do you think should have won? Did they give you any good ideas for your game? Can you identify  games you have played that any of them are influenced by?

Next week we’ll look at how genres and brands of video games have evolved over the last 30 years. Here’s one example – Pitfall! [play online] (1982) to Pitfall! (2012).

Have a play of the original and it’s no less addictive than the modern version even with its simple graphics. (I used to play this on my friends Atari 2600 at lunchtimes while eating my sandwiches when I was in year 7!!)

If you haven’t already got your design practice form you can always download a copy.

And at the moment you can read a lot of the book Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game Design using ‘Look Inside’ on Amazon.

See you next week for more game designing and Kodu! (If you want to install at home, or watch some more video tutorials, they are on the Kodu Game Lab site.)

6 thoughts on “Can you design your own game?

  1. I have thought of a game called, Dr Devil Bot. The original concept of my game was a “good guy” killing the “bad guy” but then I thought that it was such a basic game plot so I thought of a more fun and enticing game. So my updated concept is that a jet has to run to a cannon within the 10 second time limit, then shoot an Evil Bot. If he misses -25 points. Most of what this game features include codes and algorithms that I am yet to discover.

    But after all, programming is about learning!


  2. Thanks Nicola! Here’s some answers:

    This is not based on any game 🙂


    The chaser would have a black hoodie and jeans to make him look scary and the runner would have colourful and creative cloves and the backpack would be black with loads of little pockets. The graphics would look new but not completely the same as real life. I think it will be cartoony and a kind of fun graphics

    Color scheams

    Well I’ve wrote about the different maps and enviroments and they would have the color of that enviroment


    When you start it gives you a option of what music you want! There will be Dubstep, Jazz, Funny, Pop,


    • Sounds excellent! Thanks for speedy response. I should have known you’d be able to choose your own music 🙂

      PS Send me an email link to your photography blog when it’s up and running?


  3. I would love to design my own game and im very excited about the Bafta Young VideoGame Design Competion!

    Heres a concept game I have recently came up with called “Backpack Chase” Which would be avalible on PC.

    Its a game where your being chased and you have to run away. Its a Platform sidescroller where theres stuff on the floor to collect in ur backpack but when you start you have a small one and you have to collect coins to upgrade your backpack and you can buy powerups to use in game. There are loads of levels which get harder and harder. Like theres bombs that you have to jump over but if you dont they go in your backpack and you lose all your stuff and your health gose down. Also theres walls and benches etc to jump over.


    As i’ve mentioned theres a person chaseing him because he stole the guy stole his backpack. The entity chasing him would be computer not a player but on a special online version you can chase another online player or the oppisite. The chaser’s objective is to catch and reclaim his backpack. He gets faster as you complete each level. Theres different people to run away with but when you first play you only have one and you have to buy them using ingame coins and the better they are, the more expensive they are. There are powerups you can use. They cost coins and you can upgrade them by using coins. They can be upgraded 5 times till they reach there best form.

    Space bar is jump and the arrow keys can be used to go faster and slow down. You pick stuff up in your packback automatcily buy walking in but if you dont want it you can jump over it e.g bombs

    The enviroment changes every 3 levels and repeats
    throw backgarderns and you jump over walls and fences ect.
    A pavement where you jump over bins and over stuff that you would find on a pavement
    A desert where you jump over palm trees and grubs and water.
    A forest where you jump over trees and giant leaves ect.
    Speacil level where you have to jump cloud to cloud (this only apperas 1 every game)

    Unique Selling Points

    In my opioen I think this is a very unqiue game which gamers will find differant and addictive. This game will be avalible to download and play on Mac, Windows etc so a wide range of people can enjoy this game. This is a simple game so not the best of gamers can play but it can get harder so it is good for experieced playes.

    So, this my concept game! I’ve still got alot to do! If you want Reply on this comment and say if you would play this game! Or whats yours concept game and will you enter! Reply!


    • This sounds like a game I would definitely want to play. Sorry Evan, but I am so interested that I have some more questions if you don’t mind:

      Have you based the concept on another game you know of?

      Have you thought about what you would want the characters to look like and the style of graphics?

      Colour schemes?

      Music genres?

      Knowing you the design will be superb so I am looking forward to hearing more, well done again!


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