What’s Next?

Only 4 Code Club sessions left until Christmas!

For today’s session we will be making Shakespearian Insult Generators in Scratch. If you want to have a go at making them at home in Python, instructions are here.

Next week we are challenging you to make an html Christmas Countdown Clock, such as the one below. You can start this asap at home and we’ll look at them next week. Send me your ideas and the best will be used on this blog, the year 3 blog and maybe the school website. What information do you think you need to include in the timer?

We are hoping to have a new Christmas Coding Challenge for you on 9th December.

For the last session on 16th December, we will have a Dismantling Club. What we have so far:

  • 2 Sky boxes
  • a digital camera
  • an old-fashioned camera
  • hairdryers
  • a projector (your old class one!)

If you want some help with your Raspberry Pi’s, don’t forget to ask. Or we can bring them in after Christmas for a session. There are some ideas and resources here. If you need a monitor for your Pi, we will see if we can find any for you.



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    • That’s great, Priya – but make sure there’s no data on it that you don’t mind losing!


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