Whacky Inventions

What could possibly go wrong?!
*Don’t try this at home*

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I’m a primary schools computing technician, interested in teaching children, their teachers & their parents, about IoT, computational thinking and implications of technology on their lives and encouraging children to think critically about technology to influence change in the world.

9 thoughts on “Whacky Inventions

  1. just a question why do that when you could just go and get the cake and just give some cake to the toddler???


    • Because, what a boring life that would be!


  2. that was amazing how can this could work and and that man needs to tidy up a lot because there was lot of broking computers and lots of broken glasses how ca baby dont press the sharp glasses pieces


  3. that’s amazing I think the things that go wrong is 1# he could drink too much juice and the scale wouldn’t go far enough down 2# the candle could go out when it is sliding down 3# also he might not time ducking down to wipe his mouth and it could hit him in the face!


  4. For part of the invention the kid needs to be in the room and want to play on the phone and then pull on in it so that is something that could go wrong. Another is you would have to know when to bend down so if you didn’t bend down you would get hit on the head.


    • Something that could go wrong is that the candle could get extinguished and the butter wouldn’t melt and wouldn’t move down the slide.


  5. That was amazing! I have a question though. Didn’t the Mac Laptop break? And also yes anything could go wrong. His cup could have rolled in the wrong place and not on the weighing scales. And Joseph had to duck his head (pretending to wipe his mouth) when the chandelier came over his head. My favourite part was when the candle melted the butter! He is so inventive and imaginative.


  6. I agree with Harriet, anything could go wrong. What if the toddler knocks a component? What if the candle goes out?


  7. WOW! that was amazing I did not want it to stop, but several things could go wrong the candle could fall over and burn things and the sensors might not detect something if it was too light and his plate might be in the wrong position< also, the toddler is not always there to pull on the iPhone so the orange would never fall and nothing else would happen. there are many more things, this list could be endless! Everything could go wrong!!!


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