Virtual reality headsets


“The Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality headset that lets players step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds.

The Oculus Rift creates a stereoscopic 3D view with excellent depth, scale, and parallax. Unlike 3D on a television or in a movie, this is achieved by presenting unique and parallel images for each eye. This is the same way your eyes perceive images in the real world, creating a much more natural and comfortable experience”.

Other models being developed are Project Morpheus & Samsung Gear.


  • What makes these headsets work? How are they different from normal glasses?
  • Can you think of non-gaming applications?
  • Shall we build one next week? Anyone with good comments to this post (remember – “what is a question?”) may even get to keep the one they build…



9 thoughts on “Virtual reality headsets

  1. I think it works by projecting the game world in the glasses then uses movement reconistion to sense what you are doing in the game.


  2. I think this headset was built from the idea of being in the game and allowing the person to look around without using a remote control stick. It will be very effective with first-person games as you feel like your seeing what the character is seeing. Has it been officially released yet?


  3. The most simple examples of virtual reality headsets are Google cardboard, where you put your phone inside and use some Google cardboard apps.


  4. I think that we can make a slightly simpler version – we have numerous screens, all connected with a spread screen tool (you know if you connect a computer to a projector, it asks whether you want to duplicate, spread and things like that) and they are displayed in layers, so it looks 3d. Apple’s Earpods are quite good because they have the bass beat and structure in one ear, and all the singing and main treble music in the other. I don’t think it would be that hard. I might try to make one tonight! You might need to have remote connections, because you wouldn’t want to stick your hand in them! Maybe we could use the iPads to spread the display. They are different to normal glasses, because, if you have glasses, it is for the good of your sight, but these virtual reality specs aren’t for the good of your eyes. They are only on your eyes for good effect, if it wasn’t on your eyes, the experience would be boring. I am so excited!!!


    • Absolutely great ideas Shahzeb, thank you. I have something a little bit simpler in mind but I think you’ll enjoy it!


  5. They work by turning each eye upright so it looks more realistic. They are different to real glasses because they can make you feel like you are in a place that you aren’t. They could be used to make roller-coasters more scary because you would think you are about to go left but then you go right. I think it would be interesting to make one.


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