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Any comments on the design of this product?

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8 thoughts on “Talking of cool…

  1. I would find it hard to use this product as it is so small and would be easy to lose. If it came with a special clip or magnet to attach itself to the tablet it would be more convenient for me.


  2. But how would you use it on your lap but it is very fiddly because were are use to big keys but when you get use to it it will be fine


  3. I have a question for this TextBlade: How would the TextBlade connect to your ipad or device? How much would this cost?


    • Maybe Bluetooth Priya? I didn’t see a price, did you? How much do you think?


  4. Hi. I think that this product seems to be rather cleverly thought, but the excitement has overruled the quality. For starters, there is not enough keys! This could be confusing for the user. But generally, the concept, and technology is very impressive. Especially if it is compatible with an Apple device. That is gold dust!


  5. I think that if you normally use a standard keyboard the TextBlade would be hard to use and because of how compact it is some keys have 3 uses so there are more shift keys than normal.


    • William, do you need to press shift or do you think you just press on the top/ middle/ bottom of the key? I’m trying to work out it from the video!


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