Scratch your nose day

Well done everyone, some great Red Nose Day games in progress! Finished ones from William (1st 2) & Priya below, let us know what you think:

You worked really hard on these, hope some of you will complete them & send me links over the next few weeks?

Update – here’s Nathan’s maze game:

Some more resources for a Red Nose Day Scratch project if you click on the picture below. It would be helpful if someone downloaded them into the Work\Scratch Your Nose Day folder for me! Thank You 🙂


9 thoughts on “Scratch your nose day

  1. I really enjoyed playing those games. My favorite was Nathans as i like the way the red nose blinks. I also like how when we lose to cheer us up he put a funny man!!!
    I obviously enjoyed playing all of them but I like Nathans one!


    • Thank you for your comment, Sixtine, it’s really nice that you scrolled through the blog and enjoyed playing your friend’s games. Why don’t you have a go at making a red nose game of your own and I will put it on the blog if you send me the link? It’s lovely to have you in Code Club (at long last!)


  2. I really like William’s; it was really fun and hypnotizing. I will get mine finished and then I will probably make a powtoon post as well.


    • Priya – what do you think made William’s game so fun & hypnotising?


    • Thanks for letting me know the error message Priya, that’s very helpful to me. Maybe the website has closed now that Red Nose Day has passed? I will take a look and we can have another try in Code Club tomorrow 🙂


  3. there cool im using tne instructions to make a red nose day space invaders game and I could probaply use one of these for when you destroy one if the nose invaders.


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