Rocketbook – I love this!

  • Can you explain how this product works?
  • What are the two parts to the product?
  • Do you think the tech in this app is hard?

Find out more here.

Here’s the Livescribe 3 Smartpen that Jon showed us at the end of Code Club:

More information here

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10 thoughts on “Rocketbook – I love this!

  1. I think that the product used coordinates to work out where on the page represents what apps. This wouldn’t be very hard. It is like me copying out a diagram and using coordinates on a page to efficiently do so. I do really like this. I think I prefer the smart scribe, but it runs on batteries. Otherwise known as the unreliables.


  2. I think the Rocketbook uses a special piece of paper containing a completely flat motherboard and the when a button is covered in black it presses down. This action is then memorised and copied. When then phone scans the black outline the black out line is used as a bar-code which then uses the copied document which is then transferred to your phone and the cloud.
    The two parts of this product are a friction pen and special paper.
    Obviously there would be the trouble of making the tiny, flat motherboard or what ever kind of device they use to make this so complex. Although is it really worth it when you could just get S note with a S note pen. Or Microsoft word.


    • Kip, I think you might have slightly over-engineered the product! Have a look at Riccardo’s description.
      And thanks to you & Mum for bringing in the sensor and explaining it so beautifully from your stool! I have kept it safe so we can try to re-use it.


  3. it senses where you have drawn by looking at shades of a colour and it saves it in your ipad/phone and if you have shaded a icon at the bottom it would save/sends it to a specific place you will need the pad and the app on your device i don’t think it would be hard to tech as it would only need a sensor to sense the shades of colours. :@ 🙂


    • What’s the other part of the tech, Alex?


  4. I don’t think the technology behind this is as hard as it seems. The first bit of tech is the scanner which works by scanning everything up until the black outlines and also scans for the icons which have been crossed out. Secondly, because of its special friction pens, if you put it in the microwave the writing will disappear. I don’t think it’s very hard to code but it’s a very useful tool (apart from the questionable icon design…).


  5. I wonder, quite frankly,who could think up such a clever idea and I also wonder how?
    It basically sends the thing you’ve drawn to your phone via your friction pen circling round the icon( which is programmed to be sent in files an app on your phone.


    • Hi Ollie,
      It doesn’t actually send to your phone via the friction pen – you need to scan the notebook with an app on your phone. The Livescribe 3 Smartpen we looked at works more as you are describing.


  6. I think the app sorts the pictures onto different files via the cloud. You shade the different pictures depending on which file you want the pics to go to.

    The two parts are:
    The notebook, which is where you write your ideas and you can rub those ideas
    out in the microwave.

    The phone and the app, which take the photos and stores them on the cloud.



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