Make an envelope from a Mango (really!)

Here’s an interesting experiment – use Dehydration to make an edible envelope. But get a grown up to help as hot & sharp stuff is involved! Click on the picture below for instructions from the lovely Ana Gallego (a materials engineer who designs prosthetic limbs for her day job and is a previous winner of I’m An Engineer, Get Me Out Of Here!):



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23 thoughts on “Make an envelope from a Mango (really!)

  1. I have made a parcel out of filo pastry and when i had a sleepover i put messages in it when it was past midnight.


  2. You could sow anything out of this mango material.
    Hand bags, gloves, clothes (if you went out in these clothes half way down the street your lower half would be all eaten by animals :), shoes, rugs and lots of other things.
    I don’t think these will be very useful as you wont be able to wash them or eat them. At least I wouldn’t eat a t-shirt that I have been wearing all day.


  3. I am going to try this with my big brother over the half term. PS: as long as he doesn’t eat it when I am not looking!


  4. Wow! This is really cool! I wander what other fruit you could use to make an envelope. What else do you think you could make with fruit?


    • Maaria, I think you’d have to think about the material properties of Mango which make it so good for this process. Then think which fruits might be similar. I will ask Ana on Twitter.


    • I wouldn’t want to eat an envelope as lost of people will have touched and their aren’t probably the cleanest.


    • Very good point, Maaria. I dont think this envelope is designed to go through the post though. I think you would make it and give to someone as a gift?


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