Google Driverless Car

On December 22nd 2014, Google revealed a full functioning prototype of a driverless car. This car drives on its own without anyone controlling it, each car has about $150,000 worth of technology fitted in the car including a 64-beam laser to navigate the car. (Sorry but there was an error uploading the image.)

Here are some questions:

  • How do you think the laser system works?
  • How much do you think it’s worth?
  • If you could, would you buy one? Why?

9 thoughts on “Google Driverless Car

  1. I like this but it may just be a little dis concerning to the driver and may take a little getting used to! Though I like the idea of sitting back and beeping driven round!


  2. I would not use this car. It would be dangerous. The laser could detect if their was an obstruction, and stop the car immediately. What if it breaks without anyone knowing? It is easily worth 25,000 pounds, because Google charge a lot f money.


  3. I think they should have something and if they sense that a hacker or that the car is doing something wrong due to a glitch or something it should drive the car somewhere were its safe to stop and then shut down the car.


  4. Even if I could I wouldnt buy one because if it got hacked it could drive me to the wrong place or give me a fine.


  5. I don think the laser systems worth £250000 because then googke would lose money becauss the cars only £150000


  6. oops I accidentally pressed post comment. Anyway, I think that happens because some of the images do not work when you copy and paste. Maybe other images might work. Try it out;I’m not sure but it should work.


    • Priya, you are correct – as a general rule NEVER copy and paste images onto the web, use upload or insert picture – ask me in Code Club and I’ll show you how. And always remember copyright!


  7. I’m not sure how the laser system works. I think it is worth around $250,000!
    I would buy one if I could so that I can sleep when the car is driving by itself!
    (I am not a fan of sleeping!!)


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