Google cardboards!

Today, we made our own virtual reality headsets – thanks to Jon & Tim for trusting us with their Android phones! They were spectacularly good for £1.99 a set.


Here’s a link to the Google Cardboard website with some apps for Android (the mouse was nice) & ideas on customisation of your headset. You need to scroll down on each webpage for more info. Some iphone/ ipod apps are also available – Shahzeb’s tip is to search the app store for Virtual Reality – but be careful any games you find are suitable for your age range please.

How could you improve on the design?

Don’t injure yourselves!!

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10 thoughts on “Google cardboards!

  1. I have explored the apps and they are amazing! I also got the one where the moon rotates the earth. It looks amazing!


    • That sounds awesome, may be you could start a post on the best apps and others could add their favourites too?


  2. Im not going to buy one because I just remembered you need a android phone and I dont have one so im not going to buy one.


    • Hi Caleb, you can also use an iPhone or, I think, an iPod touch? Shahzeb will let you know!


  3. My design will be metal, or even better, glass!!! With safety rubber covers for the Eyes. Tinted orange, or beige. There would be a plastic round head set to secure it, and an adjustable phone holder so it doesn’t slip. It works brilliantly on my iPod. Beware! Don’t type Google cardboard on the App Store- there are no good results.


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