• What would a Flossometer measure?
  • How would you program it?
  • Where would you wear it?
  • Who would get the highest count in Code Club?
  • They’re good at Flossing, aren’t they?


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I’m a primary schools computing technician, interested in teaching children, their teachers & their parents, about IoT, computational thinking and implications of technology on their lives and encouraging children to think critically about technology to influence change in the world.

11 thoughts on “Flossometer

    • Happy Centenary! Does that make you the BEST BLOGGER EVER? (Surely not better than Ellie & Priya?)


  1. I think it would measure how many times you floss. Also, only some people are good at flossing this video. -3- I think it should be put on your hand so the coding would be shake when logo up.


  2. It would be better if it measures the speed of the floss and it would be cool if it also measured your heart rate when flossing to see how tiring it is.


    • Great idea, Rosie – maybe it could calculate how many calories you burned?


  3. it shows how many flosses you do and for how long maybe.it is programmed just like the pedomiter but not on shake.


  4. 1. How many times you do a single floss.
    2/3. You could put it on your hips to measure how many times your hips sway from side to side.
    4. Toby…
    5. I hope so!


  5. You could put it on your hand and then it could count how many times you do the floss using blocks such as on shake of if logo up. It could also have a built in machine that measures your speed to see who can floss the fastest. I think it’s called a speed or accelerometer but I’m not sure.


  6. 1) 1maybe it measures your speed at flossing
    2) you would probably wear it on your arm so it would be very accurate
    3) I recon I would get the highest score 😉
    4) yes they are


    • I am looking forward to seeing you get the highest score tomorrow – I would get the lowest!


  7. maybe its can be measure how many did you floss and we can put this on our shirt and it can be when you floss it’s measuring your feeling 0 to 10 and it shows you to number like a step counter


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