DIY Gamer Kit

This Gamer Kit is one of the most amazing Technology devices that can be made by DIY. It includes mainly soldering that is very hard. When my Dad was doing the soldering, it took a lot of effort to get a pointy edge like the picture below. You can download different games onto this Gamer Kit (not the picture above). For now I only have one game which is a snake game. In this game, you have to try and get the snake food. Once you have made your kit, try downloading some games. You may have to take the battery out. Have fun soldering!!

8 thoughts on “DIY Gamer Kit

    • Easily done, William, remember, that’s the best way to learn! I am sure we will be able to sort it out, don’t worry yet 🙂


    • I don’t think it would be broken. A solution is to heat the solder wire again and take it of and then you can re-do it.


  1. Soldering is wacky and hard! Mine came apart, but Nicola has been extremely kind as to let me bring it in. It is really satisfying when you finish it!!!!


  2. Another thing to add, is do tell me what games you added and what the snake game is called. The dots on the soldering are the pointy edges.


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