Cool, fake or even possible?!

This is the coolest looking thing I’ve seen in ages. Thanks to my Dad for sending me the link!


  • Is it real?
  • Is it possible?
  • How much do you think it would sell for?
  • Would you use one if you could afford it?
  • Can you think of any disadvantages or problems?
  • How would you develop it even further?

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17 thoughts on “Cool, fake or even possible?!

  1. How To Make The Wrist Thing

    -Firstly, you must buy some plastic.
    -Then you must melt it and mould it to the appropriate shape
    -Then you begin to think about the technical bits
    -So, you start with the projector
    -You have to buy a mini projector
    -Once you have done that, remove the casing, and use only the most important components, to insert into the armband
    -Next, you must make sensors that detect what is being touched
    -You may need to buy small sensors
    -Next you need to buy or make a wireless Bluetooth/wifi receiver
    – It would be easier to buy Bluetooth receivers that would have pre-installed data
    -Then, you put it all together and you have a wrist thing.

    !This is not very detailed!


  2. How I think a Cicret Bracelet is made
    1. First, there is a projector placed in the inside of the bracelet along with sensors. The sensors are the eight dots in the picture below. The big dot is the projector.

    2. Then, when somebody shakes their hand, then the sensors sense that someone is shaking their hand, therefore the “phone” is on.


  3. This how I would make a wrist tablet.

    1. Projector with 8 infer-red (always turned on) lights on one band.
    2. 8 infer-red receivers on another band.
    3. If the infer-red receivers don’t sense the infer-red it selects where your finger is.


  4. This is how I’d go about making a citric braclet
    1. Make a projector to project onto your hand
    2. Make a sensor to sense your hand and tell the main computer what to do
    3. Give it a charging function
    4. Give it a motion sensor to turn it on and off
    5. A wifi component


  5. How To Make The Cicret Bracelet

    First you would make the bracelet.
    Then implant the sensors that will touch anything preventing the laser from it’s maximum range then reflect it back then tell the system the range of the laser that will translate onto the screen.
    The screen is made by a projector which will be in the bracelet.
    The bracelet has Bluetooth so when you install the Cicret app on your phone it will use Bluetooth to process the phones data.


  6. How would you make the Circet Bracelet
    1. Make the bracelet (Waterproof)
    2. Implant the motion sensors so that when someone shakes their wrist the screen pops up.
    3. Put in the projector so that you can see the screen
    4. Implant sensors that will sense when someone touches the projection
    5. Install Bluetooth so that it connects to the phone
    6. Install the app on your phone and then you will be ready to use the bracelet


  7. How To Make The Cicret Bracelet

    First you would make the bracelet.
    Then implant the sensors that will touch anything preventing the laser from it’s maximum range then reflect it back then tell the system the range of the laser that will translate onto the screen.
    The screen is made by a projector which will be in the bracelet.


  8. It is real and is possible! I believe that it would be sold for about £600. If I could afford one, I would because I like the idea where by you can have it everywhere you go! I like how it is waterproof, and, see this as an advantage. However, I believe that if your arms were wet, it may not work.If I could develop it further,I think when you press a button a hologram appears above the console and when you ask it a question it will reply, a little like a visual version of siri.


  9. I think that it is genuine, but it would make someone very lazy, because if you needed to run up 3 flights of stairs to grab a ringing phone, you could just stay lying
    down, and project it onto your arm. Also, it would affect people with Eczema. The cost would summit to around, £799.98, because all the components are hard to connect and use.


  10. I believe this is real!
    I think it’s real. Therefore I think it is possible.
    For the grand total of £649.99 because compressing tablet technology and a mini projector would cost a lot. Plus LOTS OF PROFIT.
    Yes. For playing games on the go.
    Many difficulties like rain or coats.
    I could have to modes. Sight mode or Air Mode. Sight mode covers your vision. Wrist mode is on your Wrist.


  11. To develop it even further I would make it so that you wouldn’t need to actually have a phone to hear it ring. This would cost less money than buying both a phone and a cicret bracelet. If I could afford one I wouldn’t use one as I don’t have a phone anyway! It is possible using a tiny projector and blue-tooth system for it to show up on your arm and for it to connect with your phone. Again a disadvantage is buying both a phone and a cicret bracelet which would be expensive. I think it is real but in working progress as trhey are asking for donations of money.Lastly I would sell them for £150 which is around the same price as an average phone.


  12. THIS IS A FAKE!!This is not possible because phones + water = bad.I would price it no money at all because it is a fake £ 0.00. But if it was real I would price it £/$499.99.To play the game Fifa 15/14.The advantage is no one can steal it but if in possession you become very vulnerable , you could also were your coat.
    You could develop it so it projects it up so you touch it in mid air.


  13. It would be possible to be made if it isn’t real their explanation made it simple enough to make.
    it would sell for around £2000.
    I would use it if I could afford it.
    Everyone would like to have a camera on their phone but where would the camera be.


  14. It is not real… YET! I think we have the technology to build something like this, we have all the components like a projector and sensors. The price (unfortunately) will probably be about one thousand pounds; so that’s a disadvantage. It works by an app that you can download on your phone, then the bracelet projects the screen on your wrist and the sensors allow you to use the touch screen (However you may need to squeeze some smartphone technology). The bracelet is also waterproof so you can use it in the rain and the projection (obviously) can’t get wet so I’d buy it.


  15. It is real because projectors project an image onto your skin and motion sensors detect what your doing.
    I think it would be worth about £2500 as there is a lot of small gadgets in it.
    I would not use it as I hate shaking my wrist.
    What happens if you you have a coat on? Wouldn’t it detect the coat?


  16. That looks amazing. It is real, although to actually get it, they would need to make money to develop it. This bracelet is possible by having a projector on the side of the bracelet. When somebody shakes their hand, then the sensors sense that the person has shook their hand and the projector switches on just like a normal phone. This would be extremely expensive as it is new and modern. A projector is roughly about 250 pounds plus an extra 199 pound for the phone (this is a rough estimate by me). I would buy this as it is quite cool and someone will not steal it because it is a disguise for a actual phone.They could though if they knew that it was a Cicret Bracelet.
    Disadvantages: The sensors may not be able to sense your hand shaking.
    Someone could steal it because they could know that it was a Cicret Bracelet.

    I would develop this bracelet by the projector making sounds when it switches on/ off


  17. Unfortunately this is not real but I think they are making it now. I also think this will be possible to make because today’s technology is very advanced. The bracelet might go for about the same money as the google glass so about £1,500. YES!!! I would definitely use the Cicret bracelet! If it was raining the system would be faulty because the rain would activate the lasers. I am not exacly sure what equipment you would have to use or how it would work but if I could I would make the system waterproof.


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