Code Club Competition

email from Code Club:

The challenge is to code a digital collage about favourite things, and the deadline is on Friday 23 March.

How can my club participate?

1) Meet the challenge
Ask your club members to create a digital collage about their hobbies, interests, and favourite things. They must use one of the following projects as a starting point:

Scratch: Tech Toys

HTML/CSS: Stickers

We don’t expect participants to spend weeks on their entry — we’re looking for creative, fun remixes, not for super complex programs which took half a term to complete.

Your club members can create as many entries as they like, and they are welcome to work individually or in small teams. However, you can only submit one entry per club.

2) Send us your project using the entry form
Fill the entry form with details of the project you are submitting.

3) Make sure the entry arrives before the deadline! 
The deadline is at 12 noon on Friday 23 March, and late entries will not be accepted.

What does the winner get?

The winning coder will win Code Club goodies for their whole club, including lanyards and T-shirts. We will also commission a unique Code Club illustration inspired by the winning entry, and send stickers featuring the illustration to the winning club!

We will announce the winning projects on our blog in the week commencing 9 April, and will email the winning club the same day.

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