Christmas Caper Clavicle Chaos

Some sad news yesterday – whilst filming the new Hollywood Christmas blockbuster “Christmas Capers at St T”, Big Tim F seriously injured himself whilst filming a dangerous, but well-rehearsed stunt.  Movie star and (now occasional) Code Club volunteer, Big Tim F, coming straight from his blockbuster success with the award-winning movie, Dig-i-Spy, had spent weeks practising his walk onto the rubberised play surface but unfortunately appears to have misjudged the precarious timings required for this dangerous stunt, tripped on the surface join and landed badly, breaking his clavicle bone. 20141120_165430_LLS

Big Tim F (left) receiving his award for Dig-i-Spy earlier this year

Film Producer and Musical Director, Jackie S, said, “He always insists on performing his own stunts, but this time he was just not up to the task. He will have to face up to the fact that he’s no Spring Chicken and so next year we will be employing a stunt double. Justin D has already offered his services and we look forward to working with him. However he will need to start practising his walking techniques immediately”

Chaos ensued at Merton Park Code Club as unsupervised children just couldn’t cope without him. Our intrepid reporter took her life in her hands to film from the scene:

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9 thoughts on “Christmas Caper Clavicle Chaos

  1. I think we could have a new joke competition using the word “break”. Breaking news Timf told off by Stephen Hammond after he tries to break in to Houses of Parliament.


  2. You people crack me up, I laughed so hard it hurt, really it did hurt.
    Video was awesome, I especially enjoyed the electrocution scene and the explosion.
    I think you ought to do a caption competition with the Houses of Parliament photograph. I think Stephen Hammond MP is saying: “Oi you kids, get orff my terrace”.
    This one handed typing is really difficult.
    I am sure I will see you next week for Christmas Countdown.


  3. This is very amusing, not the fact that poor Tim has hurt himself but the brilliant code club film. You guys make me laugh. I am considering breaking my collar bone just to have a film made about me !!! I spoke to Tim yesterday and he was about to “break” out his raspberry pi to see if he could control it one handed.
    Get well Tim…


  4. Oh no what sad news! I hope
    Time gets better soon.
    Really good video guys. I’m sure that will cheer Tim up.



  5. I hope Tim recovers quickly. But, of course, when you’re in Hollywood, with such complex stunts, something bad is likely to happen. Oh yes, and could Tim please inform me of which British Airways A380 plane he went on, and which terminal at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport, which is half a mile from Hollywood) he flew into.


  6. Sorry to hear about that Tim. I hope the video cheers you up!! We really miss you but I’m sure you will recover soon.:-(


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