All eyes on Code Club!

Last night Jon explained that Facial Recognition software often concentrates on eyes to identify people’s identity. Can you work out which Code Club member is which below? (2 are missing as I couldn’t find them to photograph today – will rectify this next week!)

Each picture has a number for you to jot down your answers. Check with Nicola next week! Can you identify the mystery “guest”?

7 thoughts on “All eyes on Code Club!

  1. Hi Nicola I have my answers ready for Tuesday and I’m so exiting to hear the results about the appathon! I think I know who the mystery guest was!


  2. Hey Johnny, thanks for your answers. I won’t post them here so as not to ruin it for the others. Yeh, where were you & Oll during computing lesson when I took the photos? I’ll add you on Tues. You need to guess the mystery guest to win a prize…


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