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Adventure Time: new mobile game gets kids to create their own levels

Game Wizard app encourages children to draw and share their ideas using either the touchscreen or pens and paper.

Adventure Time has been a hit as a TV show and as a series of mobile games, but its latest interactive spin-off wants to get children creating as well as playing.

Released for iOS and Android devices, Adventure Time Game Wizard is a platform game featuring Finn, Jake and several other stars of the Cartoon Network show, which has stretched over six series since its debut in 2010, with a seventh to come.

However, the heart of the new game is its “Create” mode, where children can make their own levels using a digital editor within the app, or by drawing scenery and items on paper then scanning their levels in using their device’s camera.

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7 thoughts on “Adventure Game App

  1. I think this game is really good for kids. On the health side, I think inventing more kids games is quite bad because they can ruin their eyesight. Do any of you think that too?


  2. Hi! I think that this app is brilliant. It will let children be really creative, as well as giving them a reason to think about all the technics behind what they’re making. The goal-that is making a game- makes it really exciting. By the way, may you give me Mr Mark Hovell’s email? Email it or reply with it. Thanks!


  3. I really like the game and how you can create your own levels. I also think it’s clever how it can encourage children to use touchscreen.


  4. I think that’s like kodu as you design your own land and play on it. I wonder if you can program the objects, characters and background to move and do stuff.


  5. I think, like lots of other people might agree, this game is AMAZING. The first point, it is a game based on Adventure Time. The second, it has cool programming allowing you to draw then turn your design into the game!


  6. I think this is an amazing idea to get people coding. I really like the show and the idea of the “create” button so I am probably going to download it on the Ipad at home!


  7. I think that’s a great app for people to build stuff I think its been monetized so that you have to buy special packs with different blocks to build with.


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