IsoSketch- 3D drawing tool

This is completely low-tech but brilliant & £3.99 from Rymans. Jon, Tim & I have been discussing 3D drawing apps etc and Jon saw this – I think you’ll agree it could be very useful?

There are links to tips and ideas on how to use it here

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9 thoughts on “IsoSketch- 3D drawing tool

  1. I think this is an amazing tool and I can see the attraction of getting one! However I do think that You could use a ruler but i only thought that until i saw some of the other things you could draw with it.


  2. This is quite cool, but with some practise, you would be able to draw it anyway. Plus, you could save that 3.99 for a knitting kit as a present to your nan or parents.


    • Prove it? Do me a 3D drawing and put it on the blog or bring it to Code Club! Tell me how easy it was… Also, £3.99 is quite a lot of those delicious little Lindt easter eggs..


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